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Family FIrst LegalFamily First Legal is a private law firm & mediation practice providing services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We pride ourselves on resolving disputes conscientiously, while still aggressively promoting your best interests with unparalleled dedication, trust and care towards every client.

Family First Legal is founded upon principles aimed at helping our clients obtain their best personal success(es).  This often includes improving the way relationships are structured in your life, and helping you securely confront areas of conflict and disagreement between you and your family, or other personal and business relations. We always ensure that you have full and objective guidance in these often difficult areas, so you are able to make the best legal decisions possible.

Conflict is an inevitable part of life – it presents us with significant opportunities for growth and achievement.  Conflict strikes each of us in different ways and at different times, and each of us reacts differently.  At Family First Legal, we listen to our clients and help them smoothly and efficiently harness those challenges so that they can each reach the next steps in their lives with confidence, strength and resolve.  Confronting conflict with courage is the first step to take, and it is our honor to be there with you through that process.

Family First Legal offers litigation and mediation services in all family law matters, which includes (but is not limited to): helping clients through divorces and separations, arranging child custody and visitation, determining parentage of a child, setting child or spousal support, initiating or responding to child guardianship petitions, pursuing or defending civil restraining orders and creating premarital and post-marital agreements (i.e., prenuptial and post-nuptials).

Family First Legal also provides mediation services to resolve disputes of all kinds that arise between family members or other significant relations.

We welcome you to contact us for a brief intake and conflicts-check by phone.  We typically start by scheduling you for a substantive one-hour initial consultation, with no further obligation.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping you press forward with focus and confidence.

For the convenience of our clients, you may choose to pay your bills online below. However, if you have not received a bill, please contact Family First Legal before making any payment, as payment alone will not commence services, assure legal representation or create any attorney-client relationship.

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