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Family First Legal provides legal representation and confidential (individual) legal consultation in family law matters to help you (first) clearly understand your rights or risks, then to define your goals and plan a strategy to attain them, and finally to understand and efficiently utilize the legal system where needed (or when most effective) to achieve your goals.  Some common examples in which we represent clients as either their attorneys or mediators are:

  • Commencing or Finalizing Divorces, Legal Separations and Domestic Partnerships
  • Dividing Assets & Debts Accumulated During a Romantic, Personal or Business Relationship
  • Effectuating Permanent or Temporary Changes to Child Custody or Visitation Arrangements
  • Establishing Parentage over an Unmarried Couple’s Child
  • Establishing, Modifying or Terminating Spousal Support or Child Support
  • Obtaining, Terminating or Modifying Guardianship over Another Person’s Child
  • Obtaining or Objecting to Civil Restraining Orders
  • Drafting Pre-Marital or Post-Marital Agreements (agreements before or during marriage to strengthen or stabilize the marriage)

Family First Legal also provides mediation services in these same areas. Mediation is a legally protected, confidential forum for two parties (sometimes more) to work under the professionally guided leadership of an unbiased and neutral mediator.  The primary focus of the mediator is not to advocate for one party’s legal rights over the other, but instead to inform them of the general procedural options available under the law to resolve their disputed matters, impartially educate each about laws raised by them, help them analyze potential costs and benefits of positions they want to consider taking, and at all times to facilitate (and ensure) that each effectively and clearly is able to communicate their interests and concerns to their satisfaction.




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